Deployment models

manage the way it fits best to you

Flexible Deployment Models

built ground up having your needs in mind - flexible

SaaS deployment model

Get started in less than three minutes with out-of-the-box features with zero infra investment and management costs. Monitorlive crew does the heavy lifting of maintenance ensuring availablity and let the service scale to your needs all time, having the data securely stored in the cloud.

  •   Zero Infrastructure & Maintenance. Start monitoring in less than 3 minutes
  •   Fully managed operations and updates by Monitorlive crew
  •   Scale automaticaly to your needs
  •   Data managed securely at cloud storage
  •   Standard In-app support with optional premium support
  •   Standard pricing model
On-premises deployment model

To comply with regulations your organization's policy may prohibit a cloud based solution. Monitorlive is built ground up to have the data stored in your local infrastructure if you prefer so and let you enjoy the benefits of the platform and remain fully compliant.

  •   Fully compliant to your policies. You manage scale and security
  •   Fully managed new feature rollout and updates by Monitorlive crew
  •   Whitelabeling option as you may require
  •   Data stored in your infrastructure
  •   Standard In-app support with optional premium support
  •   Enterprise pricing model

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