Every business that intends to deliver the promise of Performance, Security and Availability can use Monitorlive. From StartUps to Enterprise Monitorlive has different versions to suit your individual and corporate needs.

Just sign up with your Google login. That's all we need from you. Once signed in just enter the domain you like to be monitored and get going.

Our motto is minimal intrusion maximum compliance.

Our Beta version is a complete free trial. You can add upto 3 domains in this version and you don’t pay a cent. For corporate accounts where more than 3 domains are tracked our services start as low as 5 USD a month. It is less than a coffee a day.

Monitorlive provides you the flexibility of configuring the notification interval and medium from the Dashboard settings. You are in complete control of your performance

Monitorlive provides you a complete diagnostic analysis on factors pulling down your page speed. Right from a page or a specific element in a particular page, we provide a complete analytical information on factors affecting your speed on mobile as well as web interface. Equipped with this information you can instruct your team to fix the issues and ensure a faster browsing experience for your clients.

Yes, we appreciate your initiative and understand that at times there's need to integrate our solution within your IT environment. Using our REST APIs you can easily integrate within your framework. Please feel free to talk to our Support Team for detailed handholding. Tweet to us @Monitorlive and our Support Team will be glad to call you.

As many as you would want to. Yes you heard it right. We allow you to add as many monitors you want to track. The more the better if you ask us. It will give you deep insights across your clients infrastructure.

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