Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is for on behalf of Monitorlive and its applicable affiliates. This Privacy Policy applies across all channels of Monitorlive including but not limited to Website, Online and Offline Channels, Social Media Platform, Email and SMS communication and or Software, Services and Subscription.

The term You refers to you as a person or the client and or the entity using the services, software of Monitorlive. The term company may refer to Monitorlive and or any of affiliated entity or entities of Monitorlive currently or on a future date.

Monitorlive collects certain information from You, Users and or Clients. As part of our transparency initiative, we publish this document on the information we collect from you. Why we collect, How we collect and What we collect along with What we do with those information collected.

Please read this document for making informed choices of using our software and or services including any subscription, communication and applicable offers from time to time.

In this document Company, We, I, Us may refer to Monitorlive or any of its affiliates and You could mean you as an User, Client, Service Provider or Vendor.

When we collect Information

When you agree to be a user of Monitorlive for the softwares, services, subscription or any communication and or applying as a IT, ITeS services vendor, Supplier of Utilities.

What Information we collect

Depending upon the scope of service we offer you or being offered to us as the case may be, we collect information like name, email address, phone numbers, company name, designation, domain name, URLs, user account name and passwords & certain cases banking payment details.

In case where you are diverted to our website or services or company from a different 3rd party service, provider, we may have been provided certain information that you have already consented to be provided by any of the third party and or more information other than you have already provided with the third party service provider.

How we collect Information

The information collected might be a seamless and continuous process such like Online and offline Opt-In forms through our website, event registration forms, social media sign-ins, offer forms, purchase of products or services.

We also use Cookies in our various online platforms. For a detailed information on our Cookies policy, please refer our Cookies Policy section.

What we do with the Information

The information collected through any or all of the above given channels is only to provide the best user experience for the services you subscribed with us. Pursuant to providing the best experience to you Monitorlive may collate, combine, filter or analyze the information we may have collected from various means.

The said information may be shared with the internal affiliates of Monitorlive if and when it is deemed necessary to provide unhindered services to you.

We don't sell your data to third party. Period.

Certain statutory agencies, judicial agencies and intergovernmental agencies have the mandate to request information about a business or user cited under legal obligations. Under such circumstances after reasonably evaluating the origin of the request, we may part with either in full or part thereof of whatever information we may have collected from you and about you. Monitorlive will strive to inform you where ever it is legally permissible of the same within a reasonable time.

We might send you periodical communication in terms of SMS, Chat messages, Email, Offers, Vouchers and Discount Coupons. In case you wish to unsubscribe from any of the service or services, we allow you to safely unsubscribe from any one or the combination of the services.

Information storing

As a user, client or subscriber your data including but not limited to your personal information may be stored in our servers for retrieval purposes within a geography or across international boundaries.

The information thus stored will be mirrored or stored in more than 1 server location as the case may be, to enable us provide an unhindered service to you.

Monitorlive has taken strong measures within its technical treat your information with utmost confidentiality in accordance with the privacy statement and the country or countries we may operate.

The nature of the services and software operated by the company necessitates to collect some personal and business information about you and your business which may be stored in one of our servers globally or locally as the case may be. To provide a seamless user experience and improve our services, it involves to store, transmit or transfer the information collected on international basis. You understand and agree that the company may process or transfer your information in a different country of your residence including country or countries outside European Economic Area (EEA) to be processed, accessed either by our staff or any external third party entities who may be authorized or contracted by us to carry out the support, enhancement, accounting and compliance activity or activities.

Any or all of the server location where we may store your information may have data protection acts and standards different from those that may apply in your country of residence. In case you are an EEA resident, you are aware of the fact that your information may be stored outside EEA countries and the company ensures enough process to treat your information securely. However the information may be subjected to the prevailing laws of the other country or countries where we may store your information.

The information thus stored may be shared or disclosed in full or part thereof upon request from authorized government agencies where we may operate.

The information thus collected could be stored in our servers, even after you have unsubscribed with our services or subscription.

Updating Information

As part of our transparency initiative, Monitorlive allows you to access, view and edit your information or any part thereof wherever possible and applicable.


Monitorlive employs reasonable and robust security measures in safeguarding the information you may have provided or we may have collected from you. However certain information might have been provided by you to multiple players or service providers and as a user you are hereby informed that a breach of security from other providers is in no way considered deficiency of service of Monitorlive.


Monitorlive reserves the right to modify, delete or add clause to this Policy Agreement either in full or part thereof at any point during the course of your subscription or association with any or all of the service, software products and or electronic communication. Though the company will take reasonable steps to keep you notified of any changes effected, it is deemed accepted by you for all prevailing future changes, additions and deletions of any clause as long as you are using the services and software of the company.

In case of any need or clarification of our terms please feel free to write to us at