Cloud monitoring

break silos, maximize visibility across
AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku, Rackspace and many more Iaas/PaaS platforms

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  • Slack
  • pagerduty
  • manageengine
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Next Gen monitoring platform for today's IT Infrastructure

across providers for devops, operations and business

Integrated Cloud Monitoring for DevOps and IT Operations

Monitorlive a cloud-provider-independent monitoring platform, offers real-time end-to-end unified monitoring capability over your IT assets across cloud environments be it public, private or hybrid.

  • bullet_point Natively multi-tenant, analytics driven solution for cloud and hybrid IT infra
  • bullet_point Comprehensive coverage and faster mean time to repair
  • bullet_point Accelerate new deployments and improve the end-user experience
  • bullet_point Ensure consistent service levels across multiple environments
  • bullet_point Enhance user experiences with real-time insights from your IT infrastructure
Key Cloud Platforms Supported

Aggregate multi-cloud resources, hosted on any public, private, or hybrid cloud in a single view to track your services real-time. Gain holistic and intelligent insights to optimize utilization across hybrid infrastructures.

  • bullet_point Amazon Web Service
  • bullet_point Windows Azure
  • bullet_point Rackspace
  • bullet_point Google Cloud Platform
  • bullet_point OpenStack
  • bullet_point OpenShift by Red Hat
  • bullet_point VMWare VCloud
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Unifying your view across hybrid IT Infrastructure

Sophisticated SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution offering an integrated set of app experience analytics, app performance management and infrastructure management capabilities, helping you ensure consistent service levels across platforms and services.

  • bullet_point Timely, powerful insights
  • bullet_point Custom Dashboards and shareable views
  • bullet_point Efficient, reslient architecture
  • bullet_point Visualize app performance in real time
Custom Dashboards, Share and Collabrate

Create and customize dashboards that gives your whole team a complete picture of your IT infra's health. Pick and chose the metrics that matter to you most to track and accomodate the need and preference of your entrire team, to have the visibility the way they prefer it.

  • bullet_point Custom Dashboards and shareable views
  • bullet_point Gain a unified business perspective across multiple services
  • bullet_point Share dashboard views and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, alltime
  • bullet_point Composable views to manage hybrid infrastructures across multiple clients
  • bullet_point Eliminate the hassles associated with managing multiple IT monitoring tools
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Scale with zero maintenance

Monitorlive is built ground up for dynamic environments in-line with auto-scaling capabilities of the public or private cloud infra, providing full transparency into your enterprise technologies. Optimaly managing your infrastructure means having real-time visibility at every layer from metrics to user experience with zero maintenance cost.

  • bullet_point Integrates with key IaaS/PaaS cloud platforms
  • bullet_point Full support for physical and virtualized environments
  • bullet_point Open and Flexible Architecture
  • bullet_point Continous Performance Tracking
  • bullet_point Proactive and Intelligent Alerting
Alert Rules

Thresholds, changes, outliers, patterns, anamolies - configure versatile rules to detect patterns and ensure to get alerts that matters. Alerts can be configured to be sent to your existing communication and collaboration workflow tools you love.

  • bullet_point Define patterns of interest across services
  • bullet_point Configure rules for discrete and derived events
  • bullet_point Get alerted in to 720+ delivery modes
  • bullet_point Intercept and enhance match data
  • bullet_point Combine alerts into periodic reports

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