Server monitoring

comprehensive insights into your virtualized environments
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Real-time digital performance monitoring

for devops, operations and business


As more and more monolithic application are getting transformed into microservices apps, the complexity for assuring service levels has just increased multifold for devops as the points of monitoring and management just keeps increasing. Monitorlive helps you manage the ever increasing complexity and pin points the exact problem with high precision and let you continuously innovate.

  • bullet_point Scale-out analysis to pin-point the problems
  • bullet_point Dependency analysis
  • bullet_point Performance baselining
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Docker Monitoring

Regardless of your application architecture monitorlive provides analytics-driven Docker monitoring that lets you quickly and easily monitor deployments with automatic container discovery detecting containers, clusters, platforms and dependencies without needing to change images or scripts.

  • bullet_point Automatic discovery
  • bullet_point  Highly scalable metric collection and analytics
  • bullet_point Full visibility to your container lanscape
  • bullet_point Track performance of apps and microservices
  • bullet_point  Comprehensive view with full stack support
  • bullet_point  In-Context Log Analysis
Custom metrics using statsD

Send your server's, application’s custom metrics to monitorlive for aggregation, analysis and correlation. Track any custom metrics and compose it to views and visualizations of your needs.

  • bullet_point Instant start
  • bullet_point Out-of-the-box templates
  • bullet_point Easy to install
  • bullet_point Track any custom metrics
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Flexible Deployment Models

The conveniences of a managed solution with a choice of storing your data on your own infrastructure or our servers, choose as your policy defines and remain fully compliant.

  • bullet_point Remain compliant to your policies
  • bullet_point Highly flexible options
  • bullet_point Mix and match the benefits of storage and maintenance

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