24x7 Cloud Server Monitoring

There are reasons for your infrastructure to be in across more than one provider but not your monitoring tools need to. MonitorLive’s cloud monitoring service for cloud resources and the applications you run on Amazon, Azure and GCE (Google Cloud Engine) from a single place using a single tool. Monitorlive provides a single view of your infrastructure across providers enabling system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health avoiding you the hassles for multiple tools and views.

In the connected world every function of your IT needs to be always on for seamless and effective communication. Your Emails, CRMs, Databases, Web Servers and Hardware tools are all available in a cloud infrastructure. Now you can keep a watch on all your critical Cloud Instances within and outside your firewall to ensure the availability and protect your users from contingencies.

Now with Monitor Live's Cloud Monitoring tools, you are always vigilant and one step ahead of any undesired events. Downtime check works on a 24/7 basis checking your instances for availability and alerting you the moment things go wrong. Be assured that you are now equipped to be proactive rather making bad decisions without any critical forewarning.

MonitorLive collects events, metadata & metrics through our Cloud Based Network Monitoring tools from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and other cloud platforms to provide insights and meaningful information through interactive/customizable dashboard, charts & alerts. Events provides a stream of events describing changes to your resources which you can build build workflows that automatically take actions you define, such as invoking an microservice, when an event of interest occurs.Microservice forms the key way to respond quickly events on application availability issues or resource changes, with integration services that deliver in near-real-time. Up-to-the-minute metrics or historical data Monitorlive has it as you need it from one single place across the providers forming the best in class reliable, scalable, and flexible all in one place monitoring solution.

Monitorlive gives you the power

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • EMail Reports to the respective team
  • Check from either a global basis or specific to a region
  • Docker Monitoring
  • Response Time

Furthermore, our Analytics engine provides you the last six months data in the user defined format. You could use/share this information via customized Dashboard & Charts.

Go Mobile

MonitorLive offers mobile app for iOS & Android to make you mobile and also be in touch with your critical alerts.

The Features You Need

Monitorlive is the Platform that reduces the noise and help you focus on what matters to your reputation.

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