What is critical for your business?

Availability of your website to your customers is critical in improving your business. Websites are not static pages anymore but more often the frontend build upon with various webapps and a collection of microservices. Availability of all these individual services and apps constitute the overall user experience which forms the major component in brand value. It is also the key step in improving the score of your Reputation Online. Be the 1st to know the performance of your digital identity and it is the most important insight you must have. It helps you do a quick root cause analysis and take fast corrective actions. Monitorlive gives the power of these insights On Time, Every Time. It provides various checks and options to monitor these individual services for availability and performance through its Website Monitoring Service & Website Monitoring Tools. Monitorlive works for you on a continuous 24/7 basis all through the 365 days of the year.

PowerUp with Monitorlive and know how your website performance score. This is done by our Website Performance Monitoring. Monitorlive tracks your Online Reputation from 32 different locations across the globe. Get to know the forensic reasons why your digital identity performs the way it performs. Empower your business with Monitorlive and know the moment a contingency arrives. It helps you be proactive rather than reactive.

MonitorLive provides 24x7 Website Monitoring Service that tracks Website Performance Monitoring & page speed thus helps you to know your Website Performance Score all the time from various locations as seen by your customer.

Monitorlive provides granular insights on:

  • Uptime from specific location
  • Live and historical performance statistics
  • Measure performance with regard to standard benchmarks
  • Performance across different protocols

Find out why it broke?

Get alerts in real time on your computer, mobile devices and other management apps. Find out why it broke and it will help you to fix it immediately. Or assign it to the appropriate team within your organisation.

Go Mobile

MonitorLive offers mobile app for iOS & Android to make you mobile and also be in touch with your critical alerts.

The Features You Need

Monitorlive is the Platform that reduces the noise and help you focus on what matters to your reputation.

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