Terms of Service

This agreement hereby termed as Terms of Service or Software Services Agreement, comes into effect the day you agree and start using the services or software of Monitorlive. It is typically addresses you as an individual or the entity you represent and between Monitorlive.

This agreement herein under sets forth both the contractual and non contractual obligations between the company Monitorlive and You or Client or Entity as applicable. Using the services of Monitorlive pursuant to clicking the I Agree button explicitly terms your acceptance of the ToS or Terms of Service.

Monitorlive reserves the right over updating new clause or deleting any existing clause and any such changes will be notified to you through your preferred mode of communication within a reasonable time of bringing into effect the said clause. Your consent is deemed as acceptance as long as you keep using the services of Monitorlive after a change in policy is published in the website and a broadcast of the same changes notified to you.

Terms of the Agreement:

Monitorlive may be referred as The Company and You could represent The Client; The Individual or The Entity


Monitorlive hereby grants a limited access to the use of its software to You. This is a non transferable rights and cannot be sublicensed or resold without the written permission of the Company. When you use the software for trial purposes, you also agree that the company reserves the right to terminate the services of the software to you including but not limited to the end of the trial period.

At any point of time , if the company comes to know of any unsolicited usage or mis representation of the company or its services by the user, the company may terminate you from using the services or the software any further with or without a formal notice.

With the express consent and the further using of the services is on a “As Is Basis” and indemnifies the company from any malafide intent or obligations. You further indemnify the company of the material text or visual display which you otherwise enter or store with the provided services. You are further considered as the rightful owner of any information you key in or store within the services.

You hereby agree that the company offers the services or subscription on a As Is Basis and the usage of this service may be dependent on various other medium or platform like you broadband internet, wifi and or mobile data from other service providers. Any disruption of these channels is in no way termed as deficiency of the services by the company and the company still reserves the rightful claim of the applicable and agreed fee during any such disruptions faced by you.

Service Fee & Taxes:

Monitorlive reserves the right to change the price for its services at point in the future. Any Free services or Freemium offered may be terminated with or without an option to upgrade. As and when you choose to upgrade from a Freemium package to a paid package you will be billed as per the billing term you would have chosen during signup or upgrade as the case may be. Whatever may be the plan, the billing is always charged on advance pro term. In case of failed payment transaction including but not limited to internet technical error and or lapsed banking credentials provided the company reserves the right to terminate your subscription with immediate effect. Upgrade or Downgrade of any plan and subscription is always effected at the end of the period of your existing plan subscription.

The fee quoted is exclusive of any applicable taxes and you are aware that your actual charge on your choice of payment will be different from the fee as depending on the prevailing tax structure of the respective country or countries. Any fee charged over and above the prescribed fee by your payment gateway or banking channel is the fee you pay for the payment transaction and is not part of the company charges.

The services offered by the company may be free on a trial basis or free for a limited functionality version or any appropriate model the company may feel right for its business. However your subscription paid to any version offered by the company that involves payment is through your full knowledge and consent.

You are aware and attest that you are the rightful owner of the payment credentials which you may provide to the company for any or all of the subscription package. If you are not legally allowed to use the banking credentials, the company advises you to desist using the same with us. In case of instances where an unauthorized person or children below the age of 13 or minor or any other provisions, you understand and agree to indemnify the company of any contractual, legal or binding agreements. In such case or cases the company strongly advises you to write to us at complaince@Monitorlive.co informing of the said event and the company will take reasonable steps to ensure repeat usage of the said credentials in our website or purchase counters in the future from the date of your communication. However any payment that has already been effected is not subject to refund.

Term & Termination:

The company offers a limited term license of the software service or subscription and and comes into effect from the effective date this agreement comes into force. Unless and until you expressly cancel your subscription or the company terminates your subscription for whatever reasons, it is deemed understood that you will be automatically renewed for your subscription.

Any notice for cancellation of the subscription will be implemented within a 30 days period and during this period you agree that you could be billed pro rata basis for the period falling between the cancellation date and the date of the subscription stands cancelled by the company.

Termination can be mutual both sides either by you or by the company. You hereby explicitly agree that you are bound to pay all charges otherwise applicable to your terms of service during the term of subscription. Any fee paid by you before your notice of cancellation and during your notice of cancellation is not subject to any refund.

The effective termination can be immediate or a reasonable time within 30 days of the date of notice of termination by either of the party.


The company may store any or all data you have voluntarily entered into the servers or services or software of the company only for providing the best services falling under the scope of this agreement. These data are treated on a strict confidentiality basis. You may refer our Privacy Policy for further information and details on what and how we process the data entered by you.

You also agree that the company might use the data for providing a seamless and best user experience in the overall landscape of the software and the intended services.

The company agrees that the data stored will be shared within any of the internal entities of the company including but not limited to R&D Team, Accounting Team and or Sales, Marketing & Support Teams. Details gathered by the company during your subscription period including your name, address and protocols is purely used for the purposes of providing the service intended. Both the company and You agree that in case of sharing your personal or non personal data with any third party pursuant to the legal obligations of the country in reference, the company will take all reasonable and legally tenable steps in disclosing the required details to the requesting authority. The company will also take all reasonably possible steps to evaluate the source of request and keep you informed wherever applicable on the process, however this does not mean that the company will have to report to you on all instances of request from every judicial or government agency from a country or countries.

Confidentiality: Any or all data exchanged by either of the party to the other is termed as data and subject to the prevailing confidentiality clause. Any or all information which is otherwise already in the public domain before or during the subscription will not be treated as confidential information. The company will take all precautionary steps to protect the data of you and restrict the disclosure of the said information within its other departments or employee or employees who will not have any role to play in the overall landscape of the scope of the services, subscription and this agreement clauses.

Inferring Information

Any or all information that you may otherwise infer or decipher using the subscription is provided to you on a As Is Basis from various sources collated and is not the opinion of the company for which you also expressly agree to indemnify the company.


The company reserves all trademark, IP and Patent rights and is the proprietary owner of the same. You as a client will not have any claims of the digital or physical assets of the company. You are not allowed or authorized to use, manipulate or misrepresent any of the company assets electronically or physically without the written permission of the company. In case of any need or clarification of our terms please feel free to write to us at compliance@monitorlive.co